• Artist: Garbarek, JAN / BOBO STENSON QUARTET
  • VÖ Datum: 17.05.2019
Artikelnummer: ECM 1041CD 0602567431114 Kategorie: Schlagwort:


Jan Garbarek: tenor and soprano saxophones
Bobo Stenson: piano
Palle Danielsson: double bass
Jon Christensen: drums
In the mid-1970s there was no European jazz group more popular than the Garbarek-Stenson Quartet, and Witchi-Tai-To was voted „Record of the Year 1974/75“ in Jazz Forum’s poll. Down Beat gave the album a five-star review: „Those who think that contemporary music from Europe lacks soul-fire are hereby advised to listen to Witchi-Tai-To.“ Bobo Stenson: „The quartet had a chemistry that I’ve very rarely known, and I look back at the whole period as a happy and creative time.“ The wide-open programme includes tunes by Carla Bley and Don Cherry as well as the title track composed by Jim Pepper.


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