Of Mist and Melting


  • Artist: BILL, CONNORS
  • V? Datum: 17.05.2019
Artikelnummer: ECM 1120CD 0602567430643 Kategorie: Schlagwort:


Bill Connors: guitar Jan Garbarek: saxophones Gary Peacock: double bass Jack DeJohnette: drums A guitarist?s guitarist, Bill Connors has always had the admiration of his peers. Steve Tibbetts recently praised Connors?s ?left-hand vibrato, his sense of space, his liquid phrasing, the way he lingers on a note? ? all qualities in evidence on 1977?s Of Mist and Melting. Jazz Journal: ?The combination of Connors?s predominantly cool linearity and DeJohnette?s patented rolling and tumbling creates a very special blend of poetic contemplation and rhythmic vitality.?


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