• Artist: GARY, PEACOCK
  • VÖ Datum: 17.05.2019
Artikelnummer: ECM 1352CD 0602567431237 Kategorie: Schlagwort:


Jan Garbarek: tenor, soprano saxophones
Palle Mikkelborg: trumpet
Gary Peacock: double bass
Peter Erskine: drums, drum computer
Gary Peacock’s recordings of the 1980s are production projects on which great players convened to play the bassist’s tunes. And the bass is fully a lead voice here, with title piece Guamba a Peacock solo to open the proceedings. As Paul Bley once said, „Gary is one of those rare musicians you could always count on to play better than you.“ Nonetheless, there are mighty contributions from saxophone, trumpet and drums, with Jan Garbarek in particularly strong form. Jazz Forum: „Garbarek plays with magisterial power here.“ Recorded 1987.


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