• Artist: RALPH, TOWNER
  • VÖ Datum: 17.05.2019
Artikelnummer: ECM 1032CD 0602567434832 Kategorie: Schlagwort:


Ralph Towner: 12-string and classical guitars, piano, gongs
As the title implies, Diary, the first entirely solo recording from Ralph Towner, is an intimate album. Its quiet reflections get to the heart of some outstanding Towner compositions including Icarus and The Silence of a Candle which receive definitive interpretations here, conveying the impression of „an acoustic wonderworld“ as Die Zeit wrote. The magic includes subtle overdubbing, allowing Towner to accompany his guitar with piano. In these diary entries the convergence of influences from jazz (Bill Evans above all), classical music and Brazilian music is fully realized in a very natural synthesis. Recorded 1973.


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