Journey?s End


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John Surman: soprano and baritone saxophones, bass clarinet John Taylor: piano Miroslav Vitous: double bass Jon Christensen: drums and early 80s. ?Like Mingus, Vitous is a real leader from the bass, and the music is all the stronger for it? ? Gramophone. With three excellent writers in the line-up (John Surman and John Taylor as well as the leader) the quartet had an abundance of material to draw upon. Journey?s End includes ?U Dunaje U Prespurka? which Miroslav had played with the Junior Trio with Jan Hammer, as well as Surman?s Thomas Hardy-inspired ballad ?Tess?, and Taylor?s ?Windfall?. Collective improving capacities are to the fore on ?Carry On, No. 1? which builds on the template of Jon Christensen?s drum patterns. Recorded 1982.


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