Five Years Later

ID: ECM 1207LP
VÖ Datum: 2014-01-24
Label: ECM
Stil: 180 gr. Vinyl, rec. 1982
Typ: LP
Anzahl LPs: 1
Code: 167
Preis: 21,00 EUR   (exkl. MwST.: 17,50)
ohn Abercrombie acoustic and electric guitars, electric 12-string guitar, mandolin guitar
Ralph Towner 12-string and classical guitar
"Something special happens when they play together" observed Robert Palmer in the New York Times, and the participants concurred. "Playing with John is one of my favourite things to do," said Ralph Towner. "I can play as much as when playing solo, and still get to ply my skills as accompanist. John is such an amazing person to play with that, even when he's playing intensely or aggressively, we somehow fit together and there's really no way that we could collide." On Five Years Later, follow-up to their debut duo disc Sargasso Sea, their improvisations draw on a wider sonic palette, to telling effect.

Zwei der besten zeitgenössischen Jazz-Gitarristen auf einem Album: Ralph Towner und John Abercrombie. Die Beiden zeigen uns eindrucksvoll, wie vielseitig Gitarren klingen können - und das klanglich hervorragende Reissue zaubert diese Sounds ungefiltert in den Hörraum!


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